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How to Order a Healing Video

The Angelic Mastery videos (pink boxes) and Practical Mastery videos (blue boxes) only cost $27.  The Angelic Mastery Sequences (lavender boxes) cost $33. These videos are a great value because you can listen to them more than once and each time you view one, you receive additional healing support.

After you place an order, you will be sent an email with a download link in the body. Please click on the link for the video(s) you order and download them to your computer. There are instructions on each download page directing you on how to download the files to your computer.

To order, please check off the box by the video(s) you want to order and click on the Add button at the bottom of the list.

Self Directed Healing Program, Group 1 ($270)
Angelic Mastery Video 7 - Clearing Your Past I ($27)
Angelic Mastery Video 8 - Clearing Your Past II ($27)
Angelic Mastery Sequences Video 8 - Angelic Fresh Start ($33)
Angelic Mastery Sequences Video 1 - Forgiveness and Karma Healing ($33)
Practical Mastery Video 1 - Clearing I ($27)
Practical Mastery Video 2 - Clearing II ($27)
Practical Mastery Video 3 - Shield Package ($27)
Angelic Mastery Sequences Video 3 - Transforming Your Beliefs ($33)
Angelic Mastery Video 1 - Clearing Negative Beliefs I ($27)
Angelic Mastery Video 2 - Clearing Negative Beliefs II ($27)
Angelic Mastery Video 3 - Clearing Negative Beliefs III ($27)
Practical Mastery Video 4 - Profile Purges I ($27)
Practical Mastery Video 5 - Profile Purges II ($27)
Angelic Mastery Video 9 - Healing and Evolving Your Personality I ($27)
Angelic Mastery Video 10 - Healing and Evolving Your Personality II ($27)
Practical Mastery Video 9 - Abundance ($27)
Angelic Mastery Sequences Video 4 - Transforming Your Emotional Patterns ($33)
Angelic Mastery Video 4 - Emotional Healing I ($27)
Angelic Mastery Video 5 - Emotional Healing II ($27)
Angelic Mastery Video 6 - Emotional Healing III ($27)
Practical Mastery Video 7 - Emotional Mastery I ($27)
Practical Mastery Video 8 - Emotional Mastery II ($27)
Angelic Love Wash ($27)
Angelic Mastery Sequences Video 7 - Angelic Honoring of Your Physical Body ($33)
Angelic Mastery Sequences Video 2 - Healing Your Energetic Systems ($33)
Practical Mastery Video 6 - Healing Profiles ($27)
Clearing the Energetic Spaces ($27)
DNA Recalibration Sequences ($27)



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